Roadmap for 2022 is coming!

Roadmap 2022 Is Coming News

Hello, XTRA’s lovers! Today we want to share with you our amazing roadmap for 2022. 

We read, checked, and verified your propositions (here, we want to say THANK YOU for your engagement! <3) and… It’s time to tell you something more about our plans.


NFT Collection release

Our collection of NFTs will have 10 000 pieces and if you want to grab it, you must be really engagement user! But hey… you know that we really appreciate the level of engagement of our community, right?! So… It means that you really have a chance! 

Our NFTs are based on our “mascot” – Xtra. You will find in this collection about 100 different elements which you can use, mix, and create a unique and beautiful character.


Xtra Launchpad is a multichain token launchpad for tokens based on ERC20. 
It supports many EVM networks like Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Klaytn, and Optimism.

Our main goal here is to create and build an entirely safe, clear, and – if it’s possible – decentralized launchpad. You will find more information about Xtra Launchpad on our website and social media in the following months.

NFT launchpad

When we are talking about launchpad we want to say about the NFT launchpad also! 

Who can use it? Stakers of XTRA tokens and NFT collection holders (at the beginning until 10 000 pieces). Elements in these collections will be exposed all the time and the sale process will be clear and fair. More information soon!

Token X-Staking Platform

We want to reward our community but also our partners. That’s why we will create 
a dedicating staking platform where users will have an opportunity to stake tokens, using the X-Stake algorithm. What about rewards? Stakers will receive tokens of the partner’s project and XTRA’s tokens. Sounds good?


We are growing very fast, and we are truly proud of it! Based on this fact in 2022 we will start a collaboration with new business partners. What does it mean to you? For sure more opportunities to become a part of XTRA’s world!

Team building

The foundation of every project is a team! Because of that reason, we decided to find amazing, talented people who will join to XTRA family in 2022. Maybe it will be you? Our actual job offers you can check HERE.

New exchanges listing

New listings, new trading pairs… Everything for you! Why? Because we believe in people, and we really want to give you the best solutions in our ecosystem!

LP staking

The core of XTRA is staking. In 2022 we will launch a staking program for all XTRABUSD LP token holders. Reward will be paid in XTRA (of course!).

Buyback & burn

Buyback-and-burn programs support long-term price stability and value growth. How does it work? The issuer buys back previously issued tokens on the secondary market, to reduce supply and thus increase market prices. Sounds smart and logical, don’t you think? That’s why we decided to add this solution to our roadmap.

Discord Group Building 

We know how important knowledge-sharing and building community are. We also know that every trusted project has its community on Discord. 3, 2, 1… you will find us here in 2022!


The future looks bright, very bright! And we want to seize this moment to make something significant, memorable, and unique. Will you help us?