First staking project with 90% security

Sounds like the metaverse?

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About xtra

XTRA is simply the best DeFI staking platform in the world that offers over 14,7 to 45,2% APY. It is trustless, capital-backed, secure, powerful, extremely profitable and easy to use. And you are in for a treat.

The best feature of XTRA is its decentralised GUARANTEE FUND that secures up to 90% of your token purchase price.

Over 14,7 to 45,2% APY
DeFI Staking Platform
Fully Decentralised
Safe and transparent

Guarantee fund

XTRA is truly revolutionary in its approach. Its decentralised Guarantee Fund is designed to compensate you for the drop in a token price. If the price of the XTRA token falls, the fund will automatically match up to 90% of the initial purchase price! Dream.

There is a catch though – to stake on the XTRA platform, you’ll need XTRA tokens.

Secure (2)

Check our App

XTRA staking app is a state-of-the-art tech. Powerful, secure and user-friendly. Built on the fastest, cheapest and most efficient blockchains available today – Binance Smart Chain. We worked with world-class security experts to ensure it is hack resistant. Friendly and simple UX will allow you to smoothly navigate through.

The inbuilt calculator will show you high and predictable returns you can expect from staking your XTRA token.

Wanna check our app? Go ahead and play around with the UX. You will need to connect your Metamask and BSC Smartchain Testnet to connect.

How does xtra works?

Xtra 1

1. Connect wallet

Head over to XTRA platform and connect your wallet e.g. Metamask.

Xtra 2

2. Buy xtra tokens

Head over on Kanga exchange and PancakeSwap and fill your crypto wallet with a brand new, shiny XTRA token.

Xtra 3

3. Stake it

Stake it.
Forget it.
Do what you love.

Xtra 4

4. Extract profit

Collect your life-changing money and make your dreams come true.

Why xtra is the best option for you?

The Best Return

The best return -14,7 to 45,2%

Let’s face it. There are no better returns out there in crypto. Not even close. XTRA is the best, hands down.

Fully Decentralized

Fully decentralized

XTRA is fully decentralized. Making the platform trustworthy, trustless and transparent.


DeFI 2.0

XTRA has a ground-breaking, revolutionary Lending Fund. Welcome to DeFi 2.0

Xtra Bestoption


Forget network congestion and high transaction fees. We’re fast and built to last. We’re running on BSC.

No Risk

No risk

Relax. Guarantee Fund protects your investment. All backend by real capital.

Strong Security

Strong security

Poly Network? CoinCheck? KuKoin? Don’t think so. We take security XTRA seriously and invest heavily in our security experts

Hey Folks, believe it or not, but after a long wait, it has finally arrived – the best DeFi crypto staking platform in the world. What’s it called, you ask? The secret is in the name – XTRA. With XTRA we want to make everything bigger and better – your returns, your experience, and essentially – your life. 

Choosing the right project is paramount to your success. There is no such thing as passive income, or DeFi passive income. There is only the right investment, and XTRA is the best investment you can make in 2021/2022. We are truly heeded to the moon! But enough with the empty talk, let’s talk business. 

So what makes XTRA Token the best DeFi coin of 2021? To start with, staking it offers over 14.7% to 45% APY, which simply makes it the best staking platform in the world. It’s powerful and decentralized Guarantee Fund is there to ensure that your investment is protected. It is trustless, easy to use and very secure. 

What makes its native XTRA Token the best DeFi coin 2021? How about a solid, transparent and experienced team behind the project? We are a well diversified team, with experience in crypto, blockchain, software development, finance, marketing and other related fields. 

Are you still not convinced that XTRA is the best DeFi project of the 2021? Well, let us know your thoughts below! 

xtra RoadMap


    • Base Team Creation
    • Concept design and strategy
    • Securing initial funding
    • Branding design
    • Website Development
    • Marketing & Social Media Strategy
    • Launchpad Sale
    • Smart contract – development
    • Smart contract – testing & independent code review
    • Independent project review
    • Independent Code & Project review by Hacken
    • Kanga exchange
    • Market listing on Kanga
    • Market listing on PancakeSwap

In progress

    • Marketing & Social Media
    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Team development
    • NFT Collection release
    • Partnerships with analysts and influencers
    • New exchanges listing

To do

  • Multichain token Launchpad
  • NFT launchpad
  • Token X-Staking Platform
  • LP staking
  • Buyback & burn
  • Discord Group Building
  • Securing institutional investors
  • XTARIANS Social Summits
  • Engagement with Brands and Motivational Speakers
  • University Partnerships – young finance and tech talent

Supported chains and partners

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